Tsumami Yuba (No. 2)

Ready To Cook

Tsumami Yuba

With a texture similar to raw oyster, the luscious, ultra-tender Tsumami yuba has a delicious buttery sweetness. To make it, we use our fingertips to delicately pinch the barely-there skin that forms on the surface of our heated soymilk. Then we float the gathered yuba back in the soymilk to infuse it with even more rich and creamy flavor. Delicious fact: Making this such an elaborate, handcrafted process that Hodo is the only maker of fresh, organic, non-GMO, fresh yuba in the US.


Ways to enjoy

  • Mild creamy flavor makes it great for both savory and sweet dishes

  • Sprinkle with soy and a dash of wasabi

  • Pair it with fresh uni

  • Serve with fresh berry puree

Yuba No2 Tsumami.jpg


Water, Organic Soybeans.

Contains soy, of course ; )

Nutrition Info

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