Kumiage Yuba (No. 1)

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Kumiage Yuba

If you love a rich burrata, you are going to die for this creamy Kumiage yuba. It’s the earliest harvested yuba and is so delicate, it can only be gathered with a scoop. Don’t worry if you’re asking “wait, what the heck is yuba?” It’s the top-layer goodness that we hand skim after we warm our super creamy organic soy milk. It’s such a delicate process, in fact, that Hodo is the only maker of fresh, organic, non-GMO yuba in the US.


Ways to enjoy

  • Mild creamy flavor makes it great for both savory and sweet dishes

  • Sprinkle with soy and a dash of wasabi

  • Pair it with fresh uni

  • Serve with mixed berry puree

Yuba No1 Kumiage.jpg


Water, Organic Soybeans.

Contains soy, of course ; )

Nutrition Info

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