Organic Yuba Sheets

Ready To Cook

Organic Yuba Sheets

This is the awesome big brother to all our other yubas. It offers the same creamy, nutty and sweet flavors of the other young yuba, but with a distinctive bite that’s firm and a little bit chewy, kind of like an al dente noodle. Delicious fact: Making this such an elaborate, handcrafted process, that Hodo is the only maker of fresh, organic, non-GMO yuba in the US.


Ways to enjoy

Each package includes 2 sheets; rinse under warm water to separate and then:

  • Cut into strips for a gluten-free “pasta” and toss with EVOO, salt and pepper

  • Wrap around veggies for fresh spring rolls

  • Swirl strips into your favorite soup



Water, Organic Soybeans.

Contains soy, of course ; )

Nutrition Info

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