Hikiage Yuba (No. 3)

Ready To Cook

Hikiage Yuba

Though still a young little yuba, our Hikiage yuba has a little more structure than yubas No. 1 and 2. The alluring milky sheets offer a firm bite and hold their shape, but are at the same time soft, plump, and delicate. Because of the sweet, mild flavor and the way Hikiage slides off your tongue, it’s sometimes called “the sashimi of tofu.” Another delicious fact: Making this such an elaborate, handcrafted process, that Hodo is the only maker of fresh, organic, non-GMO yuba in the US.


Ways to enjoy

  • Cut into strips and mix into a seaweed salad

  • Sprinkle with soy and a dash of wasabi

  • Pair it with rice for veggie sushi

Yuba No3 Hikiage.JPG


Water, Organic Soybeans.

Contains soy, of course ; )

Nutrition Info

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