Ready-to-Eat Products

Hodo offers a line of ready-to-eat, delicious tofu and yuba meals.   These tasty, fully seasoned dishes are made with our signature tofu and yuba.   We make them all organic, vegan and gluten-free, with ingredients you can pronounce for clean eating.  

Our ready-to-eat line is available in retail sizes for the consumers as well as food service packs for quick-serve convenience.


Yo, what's Yuba?

It's the top-layer goodness that we hand skim after we warm our super creamy organic soy milk. With a mellow flavor and the texture of an al dente noodle, yuba is a protein-packed marvel that's the perfect-match for the Hodo kitchen's favorite recipes.


What's a Hodo Nugget?

Our nuggets are pure culinary gold. To make them, we cut our organic firm tofu into bite-sized pieces and fry them up for a chewy texture that's the perfect match for the Hodo kitchen's favorite recipes.


Tofu... in a burger?

There's nothing that satisfies quite like a burger, and ours is hearty and tasty enough for even the most dedicated carnivore.


What's the story with Sichuan?

It's the birthplace of Mapo tofu, probably the most famous Chinese tofu dish in the world. We craft it with our organic firm tofu and the Hodo kitchen's own Mapo-inspired recipe.