Yuba is a delicacy.   Fresh Yuba, or in Japanese, Nama Yuba, is a category of fresh “tofu skin” harvested from rich and creamy soymilk.  Hodo is the only maker of fresh, organic, non-GMO, fresh yuba in the US marketplace.

A delicacy made from only soybeans and water, yuba is the thin veil that forms on the surface of soymilk as the cream and protein rise to the surface.  From its Kyoto provenance, yuba has evolved to become an esteemed epicurean ingredient.  The alluring texture and pureness of flavors bespeak characteristics sought by chefs from deeply traditional to innovative approaches alike. At Hodo, we harvest these greatly prized sheets by hand, one sheet at a time.   Hodo Yuba is protein-rich and has zero cholesterol.

We offer four distinctive textures of yuba as defined by traditional Kyoto yuba makers – each differs based on its precise maturity during the formation of yuba.

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Hodo No.1 Yuba: Kumiage Yuba

Hodo Kumiage Yuba is the earliest harvested yuba – unctuous, rich and creamy with a smooth texture similar to burrata.  So delicate and notoriously difficult to harvest, it can only be gathered with a scoop.  Its intensely rich flavor and luscious texture lend itself well to savory and sweet applications.  An uber delicacy, nama yuba is best with a good usukushi light soy and a dash of wasabi, or pair it with fresh uni.

Hodo No.2 Yuba: Tsumami Yuba

Hodo Tsumami Yuba is barely-there skin that forms on the surface of soymilk. We use finger tips to delicately pinch the yuba to harvest it.  The silky smooth, delicately thin skins are then floated in soymilk.  With a texture similar to raw oyster, this luscious ultra-tender yuba provides an ambrosial sensory experience first, followed by buttery sweetness.


Hodo No.3 Yuba: Hikiage Yuba

Hodo Hikiage Yuba is young yuba in sheets that offer a firm bite, yet soft, plump, and delicate. The sheets are fully pliable and retain structural integrity.  These toothsome, milky sheets are prized for their alluring, sweet, mild flavor, and how they hold their shape. Because of the way it slides off your tongue, this yuba is often used as a sashimi of tofu.


Hodo No.4 Yuba: Fresh Yuba

Hodo Yuba is the fully formed, mature soymilk skin.  It offers the same creamy, nutty and sweet flavors of the other young yuba but with a distinctive bite that is firm yet somewhat chewy.   Hodo Fresh Yuba is favored for its pliable texture, and its extreme versatility in the kitchen.  It can be crisped, or turned into gluten-free pastas.  It can be used as a papillote, a roulade base or floated as thin ribbons in soups. Learn More.